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Barbell Box90 Crew - White

159.95 AUD

The Barbell Club was a place for the ICHPIG team to come together as one, in a difficult period where many of us felt so disconnected. 

It was conceived during Victoria's gruelling lockdown, with our team coming together to build a diy training set up.

After many months on the iron; skaters evolved into athletes, recreational sportsmen became aspiring powerlifters, and the youth of the brand flourished into healthier versions of their past selves. 

Maybe just maybe, it's now here to stay...

Constructed from signature heavy-weight fleecy for reliable warmth. Designed & Manufactured in Melbourne to support sustainable local industry. 

- Oversized BOX90 fit
- Heavy-weight fleecy construction
- Thick colour-way embroidery

Made in Melbourne, Australia.